All-On-4 Workshop

In September, Nobel Biocare and Vision Artist Dental Lab partnered with us to provide our referring doctors with a hands-on experience. This course provided a brief overview of surgical protocol. A di...

Can oral surgery treat sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you actually stop breathing for a short period of time, usually multiple times during the night. It severely disrupts your sleep schedule, making it difficult if no...

3 Steps to Prepare for a Stress-Free Tooth Extraction

From healing a serious infection or repairing a broken tooth to treating the discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth, the benefits of oral surgery for removing one or more teeth are easy to see. Unfor...

Burke Oral Surgery Center Discusses Aftercare

Like any form of surgery, oral surgery can result in a period of discomfort during the healing period. Following the aftercare instructions provided by our oral surgeons, you can minimize your discomf...

Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Just one misstep that leads to a fall can lead to a severe facial injury that affects one’s appearance, oral function, and quality of life. Traumatic force to the face may knock teeth out of their s...

Stem Cells from Teeth Can Form Brain-Like Cells

Is there nothing that a tooth cannot do? Scientists have recently found that stem cells taken from our teeth have the potential to form brain-like cells - which could be a breakthrough in treatment of...

Oral Surgery Professional Discusses Jaw Pain After a Fall

Any time you fall and injure your face, teeth, or jaw, there is a chance you might need treatment to preserve your teeth. You might even require oral surgery, especially if you have broken any bones i...

Oral Surgery Professionals Give Overview Of TMJ Disorder

From the outside, looking in, the jaw might seem like a pretty simple body part. It opens and closes, helping us to tear into sandwiches, sing a song, or yawn. Many people are surprised to learn that ...

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