By staying on the cutting edge of technology, we strive to utilize the latest advancements in oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques to provide the highest quality care for our patients. At our practice, not only is helping our patients achieve optimal oral health a priority, so is providing as comfortable of an experience as possible.

One of the revolutionary surgical methods for extracting teeth and performing procedures that involve altering bone mass in the oral and facial region is piezosurgery. Developed specifically for hard tissues, this technology offers many advantages to our patients including reduced post-operative recovery time and a more comfortable experience during surgery.

Some procedures that may utilize piezosurgery technology:

A Brief Overview of Piezosurgery

By using piezoelectric vibrations that operate at an ultrasonic frequency, tools used in this type of surgery cut and reshape bone mass without affecting soft tissues such as blood vessels and gums. Because the ultrasonic frequency is low, it allows only affects mineralized tissue like teeth and bone. This affords our oral surgeons an increased level of precision with varied applications in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Benefits of Piezosurgery Technology

When using piezoelectric tools, patients have a relatively painless experience. Because soft tissue is not affected by piezosurgery, patients enjoy reduced healing and post-operative recovery time. The procedure itself does cause swelling or trauma to tissue as well. Our team utilizes this technology as a gentler alternative to traditional surgical methods.

By employing state-of-the-art technology, we can ensure that our patients receive the best care possible in a gentle and comfortable environment. To reserve an appointment with our experienced oral surgeons, contact our practice today.

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