This type of oral surgery procedure involves the jawbones and is corrective in nature. Patients require this form of treatment for a number of reasons; however, the goal of orthognathic surgery is the same for all patients, which is to correct malocclusions.

When Orthognathic Surgery is Needed

Orthognathic surgery is often necessary for patients who have received orthodontic treatment and still possess a misaligned bite. This type of surgery is also used for patients whose misaligned bite would not improve with orthodontics alone. Some patients receive orthognathic surgery to correct the jawbones that are misaligned because of a congenital deformity or growth defect.

A malocclusion can significantly affect oral function and oral health. When the bite is not properly aligned, patients often experience unnecessary tooth wear because the teeth are scraping against each other; TMJ disorder because the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull and its surrounding tissues are strained by bite misalignment; and difficulty opening and closing the mouth when eating or speaking.

Orthognathic Surgery Recovery

To avoid orthognathic surgery complications, patients should follow our oral surgeons’ post-operative instructions closely. Post-surgery recovery is often longer than many other types of oral procedures and requires a commitment from patients to follow a modified diet, if necessary, and communicate with our team regarding their progress. Patients should report any changes or concerns as soon as possible with our team as well.

Because this type of procedure involves a longer recovery period, our team strives to ensure that patients are comfortable. For this reason, patients will often be prescribed pain medications and will be scheduled for follow up appointments to closely monitor progress.

Regarding orthognathic surgery cost, our team will file your claim with your insurer. Many insurers offer coverage for this type of procedure.

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