While periodic checkups and cleanings are essential for your underlying dental health, you may still develop discomfort due to impacted wisdom teeth. Common between the ages of 17 and 24, the growth of these third molars can lead to overcrowding inside your mouth. This overcrowding not only causes discomfort, but it also damages your existing teeth, leading to an unappealing smile and future dental concerns. Thankfully, removing all wisdom teeth during one oral surgery offers many benefits.

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Simple Surgery

Removing each impacted molar can be time-consuming and stressful in your dentist’s office. However, sedation dentistry is a simple option that allows your surgeon to remove each wisdom tooth while you are under a general anesthetic. This simple surgery is a great option for patients require relief due to their discomfort, but suffer with anxiety of the fear of dentists. 

Realistic Recovery

After your oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, you will need time to recover properly. Fortunately, you should expect the same amount of recovery time whether removing one or all of your wisdom teeth. Post-operative recovery time varies from a few days to an entire week, so ask your dentist about your specific recovery timeframe.

During this time, you will experience light swelling and discomfort, which should decrease each day after surgery.

Uncomplicated Complications

While effective and safe in most situations, each oral surgery has a risk of complications especially when under sedation. If you schedule multiple surgeries to remove your wisdom teeth, you are increasing your risk of complications.

For the safest, most effective removal, schedule one surgery to remove each impacted wisdom tooth.

Awesome Affordability

Most dental insurance providers cover the cost of a wisdom tooth extraction, but you may need to pay  out of pocket copays or deductibles. Scheduling one surgery to remove all of the wisdom teeth offers a more affordable option.

Since each patient is different, you should visit your dentist for advice if you are dealing with crowding or discomfort due to a wisdom tooth.

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