sedation dentistry BurkeDo you feel nervous before dental treatments or oral surgery? Do you have questions about medications used during oral health procedures? Sedation dentistry is often used to produce a comfortable experience for patients during oral health treatments. Because of its anesthetic and anti-anxiety properties, varying levels of sedative medication is used for procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant placement, and jaw surgery. These medications are incredibly useful when it comes to treating oral health conditions but since they are controlled substances and do have motor and cognitive effects on the body, our patients are monitored very closely.

Are there different types of sedation?

Yes, there are different levels of sedation. The most commonly used sedative medications come from the benzodiazepine family and are administered to patients in oral tablets. Oral sedatives reduce anxiety and fear because they work with specific receptors in the brain to stop the chemical reactions that cause panic. This type of medicine is normally reserved for minimally- to moderately-invasive procedures. Since oral sedatives impair motor and cognitive function, patients will need a ride to and from our practice.

Sedative medication can also be administered intravenously.  IV sedation is stronger and is reserved for complex and/or lengthy procedures. This type of anesthetic comes from broader pharmacological families and its effects can last longer. When drugs are given through an IV, a patient’s vitals are constantly monitored and all personnel have emergency medical training to ensure the utmost safety.

How is dosage determined?

When our oral surgeon determines what type of medication is best for a patient, a number of factors are considered such as a person’s body mass index and previous medical history.

When undergoing an oral health procedure, be sure to mention your medical history and/or reactions to specific drugs in the past so that we can best serve you.  If you have questions about sedation, call us today to speak with a member of our skilled team.

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