3 Steps to Prepare for a Stress-Free Tooth Extraction

From healing a serious infection or repairing a broken tooth to treating the discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth, the benefits of oral surgery for removing one or more teeth are easy to see. Unfortunately, improper planning before your tooth extraction…...

Wise Up! The Benefits of Removing all your Wisdom Teeth at Once

While periodic checkups and cleanings are essential for your underlying dental health, you may still develop discomfort due to impacted wisdom teeth. Common between the ages of 17 and 24, the growth of these third molars can lead to overcrowding…...

When Can I Return to Work after Dental Implant Surgery In Reston

Dental implants are a popular and highly effective way to replace missing teeth. Whether you’re missing only one tooth or several, implants will help restore your appearance and keep your jawbone healthy. They’ll also help keep your other teeth in…...

Lifespan of a dental implant

Dental implants are not only the most effective form of tooth replacement, but are also the longest lasting. With careful care, implants in general require less maintenance and less frequent adjustment than other tooth replacement options....

Give Back with NOVA OMS!

Our local homeless shelters are in desperate NEED of funds and resources! We need your help to support them. In the month of August, we have set a goal for our practice. When we reach our goal, we plan to…...

Stop Jawbone Atrophy With Dental Implants

Dental implants are a highly effective, permanent solution to tooth loss. Implants provide distinct advantages over dentures or bridges. Among these advantages is the fact that implants help prevent jawbone atrophy. They are the only form of tooth replacement that…...

Burke Oral Surgery Center Discusses Aftercare

Like any form of surgery, oral surgery can result in a period of discomfort during the healing period. Following the aftercare instructions provided by our oral surgeons, you can minimize your discomfort and maximize the speed of your healing....

Reston Oral Surgery Center Explains How to Deal With Dry Socket

Dry socket is an uncomfortable side effect that can occur when you have a tooth extracted. It occurs when the blood clot that forms after the extraction is dislodged or dissolved. If you’ve had wisdom teeth removed, our oral surgeons…...

Burke Oral Surgery Center Talks Bone Resorption And Dental Implants

Bone resorption occurs when the body breaks down and reabsorbs bone tissue. It happens commonly in the upper and lower jawbones as a result of tooth loss. Resorption can be prevented by replacing lost teeth with dental implants....

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