sedation during my dental procedureWhen it comes to dental procedures performed by your oral surgeon, sedation dentistry may be necessary to promote relaxation and patient comfort. If sedation is necessary, the type and strength of medication used can vary by procedure. Furthermore, for minimally invasive procedures that do not typically require sedation, your oral surgeon may prescribe a mild, oral sedative for patients with dental phobias and fears.

For example, placing dental implants and extracting teeth typically require some form of sedation. Longer procedures that correct developmental abnormalities or reconstructive surgeries often call for stronger medications delivered intravenously. Because patient comfort is a high priority, sedatives greatly promote patient relaxation and allow your oral surgeon to perform necessary dental work much more efficiently.

Valium and Ativan are examples of mild sedatives. These medications belong to a family of prescriptions called benzodiazepines and are normally taken orally. Benzodiazepines are typically prescribed to be taken an hour before an oral surgery. In some cases, your oral surgeon may ask you to take a dose the night before to ensure a restful, worry-free sleep. The type and dosage of oral sedation will be carefully determined by your dentist depending on your individual needs.

Another form of sedation commonly used in oral surgery procedures is administered through an IV. Typically longer lasting and stronger, this form of sedation is often used when placing dental implants and other procedures such as bone grafting and facial reconstructive surgery. Through the use of an IV, your sedation can be carefully monitored throughout the procedure to promote a peaceful and comfortable experience.

When sedation is used in dentistry, it is important to note that patients will need to arrange safe transportation to and from an appointment with a family member or close friend. At your consultation prior to a dental procedure, your oral surgeon will inform you if sedation is necessary. Feel free to ask questions and express any concerns you may have. If you suffer with anxiety related to dental procedures, be sure to discuss them with our team.

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