When you’ve lost a tooth, you want to have it replaced as quickly as humanly possible to restore a complete smile. Patients who are considering dental implants often ask their oral surgeon if the treatment timeline for the devices is a lengthy one.

For these patients, a same day tooth replacement would be ideal to minimize the amount of time they must spend with a noticeable gap in the smile.

Dental implants provide excellent replacements for a missing tooth’s root because the implant is made of titanium, which is capable of fusing with the bone. This leads to a more functional and structurally complete tooth replacement than a bridge can offer.

Dental implants do require a surgical procedure, though, and in the past, this involved a two-stage procedure in which the implant was placed. Then, the implant was allowed to heal and osseointegrate before it was uncovered in a second procedure in which the implant was topped with an abutment. That step was followed by the loading of the prosthetic crown.

With this process, dental implant treatment took several months but a streamlined procedure involving single-stage dental implants has made possible the same day tooth replacement.

Single-stage implants can limit the need for the second surgery. Because the implant and abutment are all included in one piece, the implant does not need to be re-exposed for the artificial tooth to be loaded. However, the patient should be prepared to wait for at least six weeks before a permanent prosthetic tooth can be placed. This gives the implant adequate time to begin fusing with the bone.

In some cases, the patient also may be able to get the dental implant on the same day that the tooth is extracted.

Same day tooth replacement may be possible in your case, even at the appointment in which your tooth is extracted. If you want to minimize the time that you must go without a tooth in a certain spot, consider this treatment and discuss your options with our oral surgeons.

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