sedation dentistry burkeSedation dentistry is an approach to dental work that helps eliminate the issue of dental anxiety and ensures your experience in the dental chair will be comfortable. With sedation, you will be completely relaxed and will feel no discomfort throughout your appointment.

Choosing Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is most commonly used during restorations, root canals, oral surgery, or any procedures for which local anesthetic would normally be used. It is usually used in conjunction with local anesthetic. It is also sometimes used for patients who have a great deal of difficulty getting through standard dental procedures like cleanings, for example patients with extreme anxiety or extremely sensitive gag reflexes.

If you are going to have dental work and use sedation, our surgeons might supply a prescription so you can get the appropriate medication ahead of time. If you’re asked to take the medication before your appointment, be sure to have someone drive you to the dentist. You’ll also need someone to pick you up afterward, as this type of medication takes some time to leave your system. Alternatively, you might receive nitrous oxide, which is inhaled during your procedure and wears off quickly.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation helps you remain calm and anxiety free but does not render you unconscious. With sedation, many people who suffer from dental anxiety can catch up with work they’ve put off, sometimes for many years. It’s easier to perform several procedures in a single appointment, so if you have been putting things off, you might be able to make up for lost time in only a few visits.

For most people, sedation creates a floaty, dreamlike state. Time seems to go faster, so even if you’re in the chair for a long time, it won’t seem like it. You’ll be able to respond to instructions, and if the dentist asks questions, you’ll be able to answer. After your appointment, you may or may not have a clear memory of everything that happened. Overall, sedation provides a much more pleasant experience when you need dental work.

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