teeth in one day burkeDid you ever think you could have new teeth in one day? With Bar Attachment Denture dental implants, you can have one tooth or multiple teeth replaced right away. Best of all, your new teeth will be permanent, stationary, and virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

What are Bar Attachment Denture Implants?

Bar Attachment Denture dental implants are a way to replace missing teeth that is faster than traditional implants. This procedure also allows some people who are not good candidates for traditional implants to benefit from this permanent form of tooth replacement. Advantages of “teeth in one day” include:

  • Only four implants are placed for an entire arc of teeth
  • Can be used for patients with diminished bone mass in the jaw
  • A new denture can be placed immediately
  • Denture is held stationary by the implants

Typically, you’ll have the four implants placed, then a temporary denture is immediately set on the abutments—the portion of the implant that protrudes above the gum line. A permanent denture is provided later. This denture is custom-made and color-matched to your remaining teeth.

Differences from Traditional Implants

Traditional dental implants use a single implant to anchor each individual tooth. In order for these implants to heal successfully, you must have a strong foundation for them. This means the bone in your jaw must be healthy and thick enough to support the implants. Unfortunately, many people with missing teeth have also experienced atrophy in the jawbone, which means there is not enough bone mass for a traditional implant to heal properly.

With teeth in one day, only four implants are used. These implants are placed to take advantage of the thickest bone mass in your jaw. They are usually set in at an angle. These four implants will support a removable denture. Although the denture can be removed for cleaning, when it’s in your mouth it’s securely anchored by the implants, so it won’t move, slip, shift, or fall out while you eat or talk. If you have missing teeth and have concerns about traditional implants, be sure to contact one of our oral surgeons about Bar Attachment Denture.

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